So the final changes are made to the Hydra Wisp, a piece that has given me no end of trouble!  The initial design of the creature couldn’t be decided on, so I changed my mind and instead focused on the tentacles, which were of course (to anyone reading O’Dusara) invisible in daylight and only detectable to the naked eye in twilight and darker.  Hence how the tentacles lose their form and solidity towards the bottom of the picture and are clear near the top where the early evening stars are making an appearance.

The initial tentacle attempt was unsatisfactory also, looking as though it were comprised of water, where more accurately the creature’s skin was silver and ‘pearl-like’.

The smoke from the pit whence it came caused more than enough headaches; too much and then the background detail was lost, too little and the effect wasn’t noticeable at all.  All in all I believe the scene I was trying to convey was achieved, the falling rocks and tentacle slime from the pit are still visible and give the tentacles ‘movement’ as Alma stalks her way towards her massive foe.

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