Happy Hallowe’en everyone!

It’s always a pleasure for me this time of year, my absolute favourite season.  I had my first stint at making pumpkin soup -and I have to say (excuse my lack of modesty here) it was rather delicious!  Just a touch of spice from a pinch of dried chilli flakes goes a long way!

Anyway, enough about my home cooking, here’s the final update from the Isthmo family photo, along with the first of the final three inclusions of the DSG, the elusive Dark Fairy.

With only one image remaining for the planned O’Dusara illustrations my thoughts are turning more and more to the looming fourth novel.  Plots, characters old and new, their fates and the overall story arc.  You can plan and analyze too much though, don’t you think?  When I finally got up and stretched (who knows how long I’d sat there lost in thought) I felt a queer sensation of something being missing…but for the life of me, I couldn’t quite put my hand on it…

hApPy HaLlOwE’eN!!

This function has been disabled for Doom Absolute.

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